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"My son eats anywhere."

Translation:Mi hijo come en cualquier lugar.

4 years ago



To rspreng: Thanks for the response. Can I ask how you know about Duo's limitations regarding the Spanish vocabulary?

4 years ago


why do we have to use 'en' before calquier?

3 years ago


I think the literal translation would be; my son eats in any place.

2 years ago

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it said it heard " Mi hijo come en la parte que sea" and marked it correct. It wasn't what I actually said which would have been wrong However can anyone tell me how this literally translates, I can only get something like "my son eats in the place which is" or "in the place which himself" neither of which make any real sense. Is this perhaps a colloquial phrase?

4 years ago


Stephen and Sofia, that was not the correct answer given as of June 2016, so it may, indeed, translate as gibberish. One of the words in the "preview" page where the lesson opens, was cualquier and I think Duo-owl wanted you to use that word. I look at those before I start the lessons, otherwise, many times I cannot tell what the Duo-lady is saying! Sorry if my response is not timely; these posts have no date on my phone app, but maybe it will help someone.

2 years ago


Shouldn't I be able to shorten 'mi hijo' to 'mijo'?

1 year ago


I find it somewhat frustrating when using a term from the dictionary is deemed incorrect. I can appreciate that my choice was perhaps not one of the more commonly used word possible, but I don't get why it is wrong. I used "en algún sitío"

Not only that but I got a message saying I need to watch the gender. However, algún is used with singular masculine nouns such as sitío

4 years ago


If by the dictionary you mean your peronal resource, note that Duo's Spanish vocabulary is only 1571 words. I think 'algun sitio' = some place, not any place

4 years ago


I am just wondering if it wouldn't be everywhere instead of anywhere. Wasn't the word "any" meant for questions and negative sentences? Btw, english is not my mother language.

3 years ago


In English.... If you said you would eat "everywhere", that implies that you will eat at every restaurant that exists. If you said you would eat "anywhere", that implies that you will eat at one restaurant, but you don't have a preference as to which one it is.

3 years ago


What is wrong with... "Mi hijo come con donde sea" which was given as 1 of 3 multiple choice answers in my question. I selected it as a second correct answer. Is there really a difference between anywhere and where ever?

1 year ago


What does cualquier mean?

3 years ago


It has been asked before but not answered. la parte que sea or el lado que sea. Are these expressions to be learned by heart? can they be used instead of anywhere or do they have an additional meaning?

2 years ago


What's wrong with 'mi hijo come en todas partes'?

10 months ago


I REALLY wish you would pronounce everything; or at minimum give us an option to have it pronounced. Many people are learning a language for travel - written will be the least used communication method. WE NEED VERBAL!

9 months ago


I was given the translation 'mi hijo come donde sea.' What is the translation of 'sea.'

8 months ago

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Why is "Mi hijo come ninguin lugar" incorrect?

7 months ago


What is wrong with "Mi hijo come en cualquier zona"

5 months ago


It also rejected Mi hijo come ningun lugar?

3 months ago