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  5. "On widzi tamto dziecko."

"On widzi tamto dziecko."

Translation:He sees that child.

April 3, 2016



i love when 2 cases share the same word, it's less stuff i have to remember!

wait i have to remember that they're the same



you may be encouraged by the information that neuter words have nominative=accusative as a rule.


Your answer explains a question I posted on a different question's comments section, thanks


What is neuter / nominative /accusative ? I dont know ehat these mean or how thwy work but i see them mentioned in almost every comment section. Please help!


This is some of the very basic stuff, so you definitely need to know that. Neuter is one of the genders (the third one in singular, apart from masculine and feminine), Nominative and Accusative are some of the cases. You can read more about genders here and about cases... I guess you should check the links in the "CASES" part of the post here.


I will never remember the tamto and ta ten to .....


this: ten/ta/to (masculine/feminine/neuter), ci/te (masculine personal/not masculine-personal)

for "that" you just add "tam" at the beginning of the pronoun

And then you need to remember that Polish has levels of closeness: ten/ten/tamten, while English has this/that/that, so they overlap.


The o at the end of tamto sounds more like a squiggle and not at all like the o in dziecko

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