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Bad pronunciation of French

I am a French woman, I improve my English. So I "improve my French" too, through English. The French pronunciation is awful!

There are often "liaisons" that do not exist in reality. Some words like "internet" are not pronounced the good way...

The male voice, particularly is making a lot of "mistakes".

I have a lot of time, and I can record my voice. But I don't know how to suggest it. Can somebody help me to join the "team of pronunciation"?

April 3, 2016

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You could put an application to the Incubator - stating why - in both English and French, would be my best suggestion that I can make at the moment.
here is the link to the incubator. However I do not understand how the back end audio system works, so I can not even give you accurate information if this suggestion is possible.

Also I believe you tend to increase your chances to be selected - it can help to also show your dedication and abilities by assisting people in the various relevant forums.

Wishing you all the best with all that you do.


Thank you very much! I have sent my candidacy to the team. :)


la prononciation en anglais est difficile à comprendre pour moi. Est-il possible de prendre une autre voix s'il vous plaît ?

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