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  5. "Lubię dorosłych ludzi."

"Lubię dorosłych ludzi."

Translation:I like adult people.

April 3, 2016



Is this the normal way to say "adults" in Polish? Its really awkward in english, unless you mean mature people maybe


You can also treat "dorosły" as a noun and just say "dorosłych", which would be equivalent to "adults", I guess.


Another question: What case is 'dorosły' and 'ludzi' in the above example? it should be accusative but the declension doesn't seem so?

Sorry for asking multiple questions on the same exercise.


it is accusative, it is masculine personal so accusative=genitive
declension table for człowiek-ludzie
declension table for dorosły-adjective


i always forget the masculine personal exception. Get's me every time. Thanks alot !! :)


'I like mature people' is not accepted.


so the noun 'adult' is 'dorosły' or 'dorosły człowiek'?
is dorosły considered to be a adjective or a noun?

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Grammatically it is an adjective, but it is very often used in the function of noun. Or you may consider it, as if an accompanying noun was implied: dorosły (człowiek, mężczyzna), dorosła (kobieta), dorosłe (dziecko). See more here.

Just for the record, "dorosły" is also 2-nd form (i.e. less used, composite form) of past tense 1-st person plural feminine "dorosnąć" (to grow up): my już żeśmy dorosły (we already grew up). The 1-st form of past tense 1-st person plural feminine is "dorosłyśmy": my już dorosłyśmy. And dorosła is 2-nd form of past tense 1-st person singular feminine "dorosnąć" ja już żem dorosła (I already grew up), 1-st form past tense 1-st person singular feminine being "dorosłam": ja już dorosłam.


„Dorosła” is also feminine 3rd person past singular.


"Adult people" is a bit awkward in American English. "Adult" is generally used as a stand-alone noun, and using it adjectivally typically gives it an additional shade of meaning, e.g., emotionally mature - or pornographic.


doroslych is accusative?


yes, in this sentence it is.

In "Lubię dorosłych ludzi" - you need accusative after "lubię", and "ludzi" is masculine personal, so "dorosłych" (adjective) has to be masculine personal accusative.

In "Lubię drosłych" - you need accusative after lubię, and "dorosłych" (noun) is in accusative form.


I wrote: "I like adult folks" thinking that adults are folks or folks are adults. Next I will simply try adults.


"I like adult men" is not accepted


Normally we would accept "men" for "people", but in this sentence it sounds very much like contrasting "men" and "women".


"dojrzali ludzie", so here: "dojrzałych ludzi". No one said that being an adult makes one automatically mature ;)

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