Useful Facebook Page

Hi guys, I recently liked the SVT(Sveriges Television) Facebook page and some of its other channels.

They usually post video clips from tv programmes with Swedish subtitles which I've found really useful and thought you might too!

Plus even if the translator on Facebook isn't 100% reliable it's nice to see more Swedish on my timelime and try to figure it out :)

If anyone has any other useful Swedish media I could like on Facebook please let me know.

April 3, 2016

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I quit facebook a while ago, but I do follow 'learn Swedish' pages on instagram and I follow a lot of Swedish photographers and I see a lot of Swedish that way. I love the Swedish language and I wish I could invest more time in it, but I'm busy with a few others, good luck on your Swedish journey.

Here is one of my most favorite Swedish bands, that song is so romantic and emotional, enjoy!

April 3, 2016
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