I lost my streak, even though I completed more than 5 lessons.

Hello, I was practising on duolingo yesterday and I completed at least five lessons and a few more strengthening exercises. And I remember seeing the daily goal set to Insane (50 points) being completed.

I woke up today to find out I only had 40 points, thus losing the streak. I have a 7 day streak if I remember correctly as of yesterday. I had also bet a wager that I would complete 5 days recently which I lost. It was another reason I made sure to complete more than 5 lessons. I am rather new so I am not sure what I am missing if so.

I am hoping someone can help me fix this, as I suspect it is a glitch. Is there someone I can contact? Please help... This may be a first world problem but I am mildly devastated. lol.

Thanks, iamapanda3

April 3, 2016


Are you sure you completed the XP target before midnight (or what Duo believes is your Midnight? If you were studying over that midnite period it is possible that some points were used for the following day.
Did you do your lessons on the website or on an App? If on the app it is always best to check on the web interface to make sure the app has synchronised.
Did you have a streak freeze? You have to buy them before you miss a day but they just sit in the background until that day occurs.

April 3, 2016

Hello psionpete,

Thank you for your reply. I remember doing more than 5 lessons (new + strengthen old). I found the progress bar glitchy yesterday, that it did not record my progress accurately. I did complete a lesson closer to 11pm, and based on what you said, it should appear today if it did not record as yesterday's. But it did not. I have been doing the lessons on both interfaces. I will keep this in mind in the future.

No, I did not have a streak freeze. I was sure and made sure I complete more than 5 lessons. I guess I will have to start doing this because the system is glitchy.

I did see the "Why did I lose my streak?" article. I am really hoping this can be corrected. Is there a way to contact someone who can correct this? As far as I can tell, I should just accept it. Alas, streak progress is a huge motivation to keep working and as I mentioned this is just a first world problem.

P.S. I am super grateful for duolingo and its community for providing this free platform to learn so many languages.

April 3, 2016

bchan is the streak fixer.

April 3, 2016

He doesn't appear very active currently...

April 3, 2016

maybe try changing your goal to 40 points and then make sure you get above and beyond each day. I also agree with psionpete about the streak freeze, as it just recently saved my streak from disaster. Although they are expensive, you can gain it back through intensified double or nothings(doing a double or nothing for every day of your streak). Through double or nothing, you can gain 5 lingots every week, so after two weeks you will have enough for a streak freeze.

April 3, 2016

Did you complete it online? Did you allow your device to sync upon completion?

April 3, 2016

not the first time it happend to me when i was offline at a one hundred day streak! and it was in the morning!!!!!!!!!!!

April 3, 2016
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