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  5. "Він любить. коли прохолодно."

"Він любить. коли прохолодно."

Translation:He likes when it is chilly.

April 3, 2016



Is this supposed to be two sentences?


No- the period should be a comma. It's a typo.


Three years later, still not corrected. There should be no punctuation in the middle of this sentence -- not even the comma that JMsAuntie has suggested. Reported on April 9, 2020.


Can I translate "прохолодно" as "cool"? He likes when it's cool - wasn't accepted.


Yes, you can. It should be accepted.


The list of options needs a second "it". He likes it when it is chilly.


Agreed. It feels somewhat incomplete without it.


Is the comma necessary?


In Ukrainian it's necessary. We separate sentences with distinct "grammar bases" (subject-verb couples). "Він любить" is a separate one, followed by a clause sentence "коли прохолодно"


The problem here is that it's period (full stop, ".") instead of comma (",")


Yeah sure :) but you asked whether a comma is necessary, so i answered that :)

(I guess you meant "Isn't a comma necessary?")


Again, as in the previous sentence 'He likes when it is chilly' is incorrect English where I live - He likes it when it is chilly.' is how we would say this. If this is correct grammar for other English speakers, which it may be (I don't know), then at least both options should be given/ accepted please.


Both options ARE accepted.


In the exercise where words are selected by clicking, there is only one "it", so it doesn't help that both options are accepted: you can't enter "it" twice. You have to enter a weird American form of the sentence.


"He likes when it is chilly" is American English. It sounds strange to me too.


Also, in both this and the previous question (he likes when it is cloudy) there is no option to report this point in the selection of things to report that we are given.


I'm not sure what you mean, but usually there is a report button. It appears after you've entered the exercise and your answer got rejected. If it's not displayed, it might be a bug. In that case I would appreciate it if you could attach a screenshot here.


yes but as I said seven months ago - the report button still does not cover this point - you can only select something else went wrong. Not sure how I seem to be doing this lesson again seven months later - its like I'm in the Twilight zone...

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