"Dzieci mają lepszą wyobraźnię niż dorośli."

Translation:Children have a better imagination than adults.

April 3, 2016

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Doesn't it need an 'a' in front of better? Children have 'a' better imagination than adults. In the picking words there is no 'a' to put there.


It's accepted, but from what I understand, it's not needed.


I feel like the best option here would be "kids have better imaginations than adults" after all, the kids don't all share a single imagination. Even if we were talking about a single kid and a single adult, an article definitely sounds better here: "This kid has a better imagination than that adult" sounds better than "This kid has better imagination than that adult"


I agree, I think the article is needed too, unless (as you have done) you change imagination to imaginations. "Children have better imaginations than adults" works better in English, even better than with the article. I just wasn't sure that could mean imaginations.


I have a very hard time understanding how 'imagination' can be plural. Even after br0d4 wrote me "I can say I have a good spatial imagination, average lexical and colour imagination, but quite poor sound/harmony imagination, so these are different imaginations.", it still is quite strange.

Anyway, my opinion doesn't matter here much as I'm not a native. I guess such an option is acceptable, added now. Also, 'a better imagination' will be the default now.


Not several different kinds of imagination but each child having their own imagination.

As in 'the children are wearing their hats.' Each child is only wearing one but there is more than one child so both children and hats are plural.

Agreed about needing an article in the singular, though. But plural is better.


I'd like to say I have a good reason but I don't, I only know it sounds weird. Perhaps it's because it's because the word children is plural too?


I, too, would put in a bid for "Children have better imaginations than adults." Unless they are part of a hive (Children of the damned for example), they would have one imagination each.


Which is incorrect, dzieci nie maja lepsza wyobraznie


does "the adult" fit?


No, because dorośli is plural.


Why is the indefinite article required for the word "imagination" here? It's not like any nonsingular number of children can have an imagination unless they are interconnected into a hivemind.


You can answer without it, but our native British contributors say that "a better imagination" is better than "better imagination" on its own.

Truth be told, they also say that plural "better imaginations" would be best, but although we accept it, it's just too different to be the main answer.


It's interesting to note that the English expression "from top to toe" (singular) is rendered as "od stóp do głów" in Polish! Aren't "stóp" and "głów" the genitive plurals of "stopa" and "głowa" respectively?


They are indeed....


Not all sayings are logical ;) It seems that plural 'głowy' may have meant the 'upper' part of the bed (I mean the side where your head usually is). Possibly using plural may be caused by the reasons of rhythm (the number of syllables), or grammatical symmetry (Genitive plural on both sides).



Thanks for the link Jellei. A very interesting and informative read. Cheers!


Jellei, what's the correct Polish translation of "Don't forget to write your name and address on the soles of your feet"? — I used to be given this advice by my parents' friends whenever I decided to go out with a buxom beauty!


Is that a saying? I'd just say "Nie zapomnij podpisać swoich butów" (Don't forget to sign your shoes) or if you want your whole sentence literally, "Nie zapomnij napisać/zapisać swojego imienia/nazwiska i adresu na podeszwach... do you really mean "feet" (stóp) or rather "shoes" (butów)?


I believe it was a saying and it went something like this "Nie zapomnij napisać swojego nazwiska i adresu na podeszwach swoich stóp"!

Bardzo Ci dziękuję! Pa!


Wonderful link Jellei, thanks!


In the variant where the Polish is read, the slow variant only gives the first 3 words


Thanks! We're looking into it.


Should be fixed now (09.01.2021).

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