"Co myślisz o kryzysie?"

Translation:What do you think about the crisis?

April 3, 2016

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Myślałem, że 2021 byłoby lepszy, ale jest nawet gorszy.


Bardzo dobrze :) Jedna poprawka:

  1. "2021" to to samo co "rok 2021", a słowo "rok" jest rodzaju męskiego, więc "byłby".

  2. Po angielsku można powiedzieć "would be better", ale po polsku tutaj musi być "będzie lepszy", czyli dosłownie "I thought that 2021 will be better".

Very good! One correction:

  1. "2021" is the same as "rok 2021", and the word "rok" (year) is masculine, so the right form is "byłby".

  2. In English you can say "would be better", but in Polish you have to say here "będzie lepszy", so literally "I thought that 2021 will be better".


My gut feeling is saying jak myślisz also works? (Haha in East Asian languages, it sounds better to say "how" here - not that this is relevant)


Well, that would work in spoken, a bit colloquial language, but is not really considered proper Polish.

Also even if it works in a construction, it wouldn't in this sentence, it just wouldn't make sense.


Why is this accepted? "What do you think about a crisis?"


That is a version for the bankers. "What do you think about a crisis? I think we should cause another one, don't you agree?" ;)


Hahaha great example. Sadly sometimes this actually happens. Make a fake crisis and you can sell more stuff… Remember the whole Swine Flu thing? Man, some people made money on that one.


Well, it's up to us, normal people, to stand against these bad guys. We could start e.g. with this: www.FreeWorldCharter.org

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