"How much is your car worth?"

Translation:Ile jest warty wasz samochód?

April 3, 2016

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Forma "warty samochód" jest nie spotykana raczej uźywa się formy "ile jest wart twój samochód"


So, is 'warty' colloquial or wrong? It is written here https://pl.wiktionary.org/wiki/warty że ta forma jest niepoprawna...


W zasadzie powinno się się spytać" Jaka jest wartość tego samochodu?" lub "ile jest wart?" jednak nie należy mylić wartości samochodu z jego ceną.


A jeszcze częściej "Jaka jest wartość tego samochodu"!


Czy można powiedzieć "Ile kosztuje ten samochód" jeżeli, na przykład, jesteś w sklepie samochodowym, i chcesz kupić go?


Tak, to normalne, naturalne zdanie. Tylko znaczy coś trochę innego.

"go" doesn't look good at the end of the sentence here, and while of course I know what you mean, the grammar of the question makes it seem you want to buy the shop.


Wartość samochodu i cena to są dwie różne sprawy.


"Ile kosztuje twój samochód" should be accepted as right answer.


Well, you can only say that something "kosztuje", if it's for sale. How much it is worth is a different thing.


Is "wart" really an adjective? It looks so strange! Also is "Ile jest" a more general construction for adjectives describing quantities, like "Ile jest ciężki twój samochód?" = "How heavy is your car?"


Yes, „wart” is an adjective. Some adjectives might have an alternative masculine nominative form. You don't have to use them, but you should be able to recognise them.

Unfortunately, you can't use „ile jest” for any such situation. The question about the weight of your car would be „Ile waży twój samochód” or „Jak ciężki jest twój samochód”.


What is the difference between using 'Ile jest warty...' and 'Ile jest wart...'?


There is absolutely no difference in meaning. "Wart" is accepted by everyone, whereas "warty" might be considered colloquial or even grammatically incorrect by some.


To be fair there is nothing in the sentence that implies that the car is not for sale. Also, "ile kosztuje" is a suggested translation so that's at odds with the hair that is being split here.


Well, 'ile kosztuje' is suggested kinda accidently, because "how much is" on its own can translate to "ile kosztuje" ("How much is your car?" = "Ile kosztuje twój samochód?").

Not all hints that you see are always acceptable in a given sentence.


The hint for "How much" is "Ile kosztuje", yet "Ile kosztuje ten samochód" is not accepted.


But you ignored the hint for 'worth'.

'How much is your car' is different from 'How much is your car worth'.


A czemu, to jest "twój samochód" a nie "twojego samochodu"?


Hmmm... why would it be "twojego samochodu"?

"your car" is the subject of this sentence, it takes the Nominative case.

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