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[AndroidApp] The Discussion Thread button just disappeared!

Dear Duolingo team , I downloaded the new app as soon as it released. I enjoy the look and the discussion viewer so much , but recently just I don't see a button anymore,after each sentence I just see the "it's correct" or "not correct" dialogue with report button and nothing more! it happened recently. I must say that I didn't touch any setting or anything in app setting screen.

I'd be glad if you'll answer me. Thanks

January 10, 2014



Are you on the Android app? We removed it due to spamming in the discussions. We'll be adding it back soon.


Too bad it's not just posting disabled instead.


I didn't know that , thanks for everything @-}--


Came here to report the same thing, very glad to hear it will be reinstated soon - any idea when? Thanks!

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