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  5. "You drink wine."

"You drink wine."

Translation:Du trinkst Wein.

January 21, 2013



I don't understand. The comment it made to me was "You used the you form 'trinkst' instead of the you form 'trinkt'." My answer was "Ihr trinkst Wein." Why is this wrong?


If you're using 'Ihr' then the conjugation of the verb is 'trinkt' as 'Ihr' is the plural form of 'you' (i.e. You are all drinking wine). 'Trinkst' is the version that goes with the singular form of 'you' (assuming it's 'informal'). 'Ihr trinkt' or 'Du trinkst', but not 'Ihr trinkst'.


This is wrong because of conjugation. You say Ich trinke, Du trinkst, Er/sie/es trinkt, Sie trinken, wir trinken, and ihr trinkt. You will need to memorize these to learn german good.


Isn't Sie trinken wein - They drink wine? And Sie trinkt wein - You drink wine? The conjugated verb indicating the Pronoun?


"Sie trinken Wein" is only right if you are using the formal "Sie" instead of the informal "Du". You still refer to a single person, male or female. If you were talking to a friend, it would be "Du trinkst Wein."

"They drink wine." would also be "Sie trinken Wein.", but here "Sie" is plural. It can easily be confused with the formal you (="Sie) :/

"Sie trinkt Wein." would be "She drinks wine."

"You drink wine." could also mean "Ihr trinkt Wein."

In conclusion: "You drink wine." can be translated with "Ihr trinkt Wein.", "Du trinkst Wein." or, if you are talking in a formal way, "Sie trinken Wein."


The sentamce is in the formal so sie referce to one person male or female the pronoun is in place of the noun Herr or Frau


I think at this time, "You drink wine" can be translated as "Du trinkst Wein" and "Ihr trinkt Wein". Am I right or wrong?


Sie trinken Wein is also correct.


You are right. They both mean 'you drink wine', but 'Sie trinken Wein' also means the same thing.


Usually when I write a typo the quiz will tell me. But I entered "Du trinkst Wien" and lost a heart, which leads me to believe "Wien" is another German word. Is this correct?


'Wien' (with an 'ie') is German for 'Vienna' (the city), and Wein (with an 'ei') is German for 'wine.'


i hate you actually have to SAY it but, to me it messes up only taking Wein instead of the whole sentence it self. I spoke the whole sentence but, it just only gets wine!


What happened if I chose wien


Then you would be drinking Vienna, and a couple million Austrians would be rather upset.


I do not understand since I put both the singular Du trinkst Wien and the plural Ihr trinken Wien

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