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Nel, nello, ...

When would you use one over another? I've asked this question before and gotten some good answers but forgot. Also what are the other forms? And what part of speech is this?

April 4, 2016



This chart should help you out :

Italian prepositional articles

And if you wonder when to use il, lo or l', this one will help you sort it out :

Italian definite articles


Awesome thanks! What do the words a, di, da, su, and in mean in Italian?


They are prepositions, so their exact meaning is highly dependent on context : don't just learn the best approximate translation by heart, but instead learn where to use which, directly in Italian, no matter what that would translate to.

But, roughly, they'd mean :

  • A : at, to, in
  • Di : of, from, about
  • Da : from, to, at
  • Su : on, about
  • In : in, into, for


It's a preposition. The form follows the definite article.

Nel = in + il

Nello = in + lo

Nella = in + la

and so on...


Can there be a nelgli?



And yes, there is.


"Nello" is only used with s + consonant or a z whereas "Nel" is used for all other masculine nouns :)

E.G: Nello zucchero - in the sugar

Nel corpo - in the body

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