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"Zieh deine Schuhe aus!"

Übersetzung:Take off your shoes!

Vor 2 Jahren

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Kann man auch " take out your shoes " sagen ?

Vor 11 Monaten


Was ist der Unterschied zwischen pull out und take off

Vor 1 Jahr


Ja stimmt verstehe ich auch nicht

Vor 9 Monaten


Anziehen , ausziehen gegenteil

Vor 7 Monaten

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warum ist "take out your shoes" falsch? wird doch sogar angeboten als Übersetzung

Vor 1 Jahr


Sometime the German preposition "aus" can be translated "out" but other times it should be "off". We don't use the preposition "out" like that. If your shoes were in a box, you could take them out. But we put clothing "on" and "off" our bodies. The only time you would take something out of your body would be if it were IN your body. Someone might say that they took their earrings out, but even here it would be just as acceptable to "take them off". But you definitely don't want shoes "in" your body, so you should never have to take them "out". I hope that helps.

Vor 8 Monaten


Thank you :-)

Vor 4 Monaten