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  5. "Yes, thanks, man."


"Yes, thanks, man."

January 22, 2013



Does German actually use "Mann" as an interjection?

btw, in English this should probably be "Yeah, thanks, man"


I'd like to know this too.. Is this just a really casual slang phrase?


any german speaker?


Native english speaker, but I'm in my 5th year studying German, and hear about this and decided to check it out. I believe that the proper phrase would be along the lines of, "Mensch, danke!" i have never heard "Mann" being used in this context. My German professor is a native German speaker, I might have to ask her.


But I have listened "Mann" as an interjection on TV. I live in Germany and I watch to much TV xD... I've heard that.

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I"m a native speaker and I've never heard "Mann" used that way. BTW is there a way of reporting mistakes where you can add a comment, and not just check a box?


I guess they just translated word by word...


I'm native German and agree that you can say this. However, it is a newer and very informal expression and usually it's (young) men saying that among each other. Probably you wouldn't necessarily say "Ja, danke, Mann!" but rather "Danke, Mann!" [or even "Ey, danke, Mann!"]

Like I said, it's informal and you wouldn't say that to a stranger or your teacher. :-)


I think that at such a basic level, this this is a poor example. It could easily sound rude when said to a waiter or hotel worker.


I am a near-fluent, albeit non-native German speaker and I put in "Ja, danke, Mensch" which was marked as incorrect. Mensch however is the slangy analog in German to the sense of the word man that's used in this sentence.

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