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Ratings for questions

I sent this as feedback also, but I'm curious about what you would think of it:

The thing I would like most to see implemented would be a sort of rating system for each question. Something like "I know this well" vs. "I would like to see this question again soon". This way, you push the questions you are familiar with in the back of the lot, and you only see them again after a long time (nothing would get excluded permanently).

I'd also like to have the option of translating from English to Spanish (i.e. the language I'm learning) more. That's where I'm lacking skill, and those types of exercises come by most seldom.

Anyway, love your site.


June 8, 2012



That is a creative idea, but how would you go about implementing it, and wouldn't you be suspicious once in a while that DuoLingo would hide questions that you actually are interested in.


They have something like that on Skritter.com and Anki also uses it: you can say for yourself how well you know the material and also on Skritter you can decide what you want to focus on, so I don't think it would be that hard to implement.


@amateurvagrant It just seems like a bit of overkill for a comments and questions section that already has a rate button and you can filter by level already... Personally, I would like to read comments and questions that I am not interested so that I can diffuse knowledge and help my understanding of the language rather than assume I don't want to read comments based on their topic. That will hurt your understanding of a new language.


The original post from @someguy wasn't about the questions in this forum, but the questions in the lesson. That's what I responding to.


@amateurvagrant I am so sorry... My bad... O_o


Okay, sorry for that tangent. About the original topic, I think that I might be tempted with that option to click "I know this well", and then forget it later. I think drilling and killing, even to a demoralizing extent, is great for learning a language.


I think it might help if the person who asked the question could indicate if they were happy with the answer or if they had found the information elsewhere so we could see if any still needed answering.


"The original post from @someguy wasn't about the questions in this forum, but the questions in the lesson. That's what I responding to."

Yes, that is what I meant.

Happy with the answer... well, yes. It wasn't so much a question I had, rather that a proposal which I thought could be discussed by others.

Thanks for the replies!

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