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Incubator - French for Polish speakers

I have applied to create and moderate this course, but with no reaction from Duolingo :( How much time in average people wait for an course to be open on the Incubator website?

Btw - anyone interested in helping? :)

April 4, 2016



Don’t expect any reaction anytime soon. It may take months, more likely years, or never be started.


Wow, seriously? Does it depend from the number of people contributing?


It just depends on whether Duolingo decides to start the course or not. If they haven’t decided to start the course, then it won’t start no matter how many competent people have applied.


Okay, thanks. Is there any other possibility to contact Dueling besides the application for the course creation?


I'm new and I have a question. What do you mean by what you said?!!?


There is a certain number of courses, eg. Polish for English speakers, English for Polish speakers, French for English speakers and so on. Unfortunately there is no French for Polish speakers. I want to create one. If you want to contribute to any other course creation, go to incubator.duolingo.com - if not, it will make easier for you to understand :)


I am willing to devote one to two hours a week to provide translations French to Polish and Polish to French. I speak Polish fluently but not always correctly (sometimes anglicized Polish). I'm advanced in French (Canadian).

I am willing to do the work if an expert can check it.

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