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  5. "Non beve mai l'alcol."

"Non beve mai l'alcol."

Translation:He never drinks alcohol.

January 10, 2014



'non .... (verb) ..... mai'. means never. E.g. Non leggo mai - I never read. ... Literally 'I don't never'. In Italian they tend to use a double negative, unlike in English!


Is there a system/rule behind "Bevo alcol" (without article) and "Non bevo mai l'alcol" (with article) or are the two interchangeable?


could this be an imperative? If not, how would one say "never drink alcohol?"


In that case it would be:

  • "Non bere mai alcol" (if you use the informal you/tu)
  • "Non beva mai alcol" (if you use the formal you/Lei)


Comparing this to a previous sentence in this same exercise in which my use of l'alcol was marked as an incorrect translation of "I drink alcohol" I now see that the sentence above is translated as "He never drinks alcohol" without "the". I used the article and got it wrong; DL uses it and omits it in their translation! There needs to be some consistency: both answers should be correct: ..."the alcohol" or just "alcohol" -- Their inconsistency's driving me to drink (the) alcohol!


why not "he doesn't ever drink alcohol?"

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