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Will Latin be Added?

Dear Duolingo-ists:

Just wanted to ask if Latin will become available?

Latinam est no gaudium sed est utilis!

4 years ago



I will be able to help add the Latin language because I can speak it fluently. I went to an academy in Italy called Vivarium Novum, where you are only allowed to converse in Latin or ancient Greek. I've already been there twice, and I really liked it.

Potero adiuvare in lingua Latina addenda quia facunde loqui possum. Petivi academiam quandam in Italia cui nomen Vivarium Novum est, ubi tantummodo permittitur Latine sive Graece collloqui. Bis iam illuc ivi, atque valde mihi placuit.

4 years ago

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Ita vero. Volo Latinam cognoscere iterum.

EDIT: It will probably be added if any qualified moderators apply. :)

4 years ago