"Do you have a house anywhere in the South?"

Translation:У вас є будинок де-небудь на півдні?

April 4, 2016

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Можливо варто додати варіант "Ти маєш будинок будь-де на Півдні?"


Somehow replacing де-небудь with будь-де in this question is wrong... Even though both mean "anywhere" in the sense of "doesn't matter where"...

Де-небудь means anywhere, as in, somewhere, but I don't care where, so we can use it in a question.

Будь-де means more like "at a random location", so it sounds really off asking "Do you have a house at a random location".


Автори, я дуже занепокоїний вашою версією вживання "десь" та "де-небудь" та інших "хтось-хто-небудь". У звичайних обставинах ці слова повністю синонімічні, а філологічні відтінки нікому не цікаві крім вузьких фахівців


"Somewhere" and "anywhere" are often interchangeable in English as well, yet they are different words. We have decided to accept десь=somewhere and де-небудь=anywhere, and same for someone/anyone, so that learners get the idea of which one is which, and so that we can test whether they understood that the difference between these two words is the same as "somewhere" and "anywhere" in English. There are cases when they are not interchangeable, e.g. "He can sleep somewhere" and "He can sleep anywhere".


Твій дім де-небудь на півдні


That would be, "Is your house anywhere in the South?"

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