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"Песимісти бачать темні кольори, оптимісти бачать світлі кольори."

Translation:Pessimists see dark colours, optimists see light colours.

April 5, 2016



This is wrong in English. It's a run-on sentence. There should be either a conjunction or a semicolon between the two parts. Syntactically, it's different from Ukrainian.


I agree. I used the available "where" to give "Pessimists see dark colours where optimists see light colours". This seems to be the only grammatical solution that makes sense with the words available (since "optimists" is not available with capital O), yet it is marked wrong.


Почему нельзя писать "the dark"? Выдает ошибку.


(The question is about "the dark colors" vs. "dark colors.") My guess is the sentence is about dark colors in general and not about some concrete dark colors. Therefore, the definitive article is not used.


Да "the" определяет что-то именно. А тут пишется что пессимисты вообще видят темные цвета пока оптимисты видят светлые, но не определены


Microphone won't hear me again


The audio is not clear on бач....... The first one sounds like баче and the second like бачи. On neither of them is there a soft T, she swallowed the whole sound.


The woman is too far from the microphone, in an echoey room. The second "бачать" sounds correct. The "ть" is audible in the second one.


I spelled colours the other way, with "colors" and somehow that was wrong......

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