"My uncle likes salad with tomato."

Translation:Мій дядько любить салат з помідором.

April 5, 2016

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моєму дядьку подобається салат з помідором but why wrong?


Your translation conveys exactly the same meaning as the correct answer, but it is not the exact translation of the English sentence. Duolingo has problems with creative translations, because there may be so many of them.


Agreed with you. There were a lot of "I like" or "you like" which translated as "мені подобається", "тобі подобається". Your translation should be accepted.


Why not " з помідорою"? In a previous sentence "with cutlet" was corrected to be " з котлетою". Both were additions to subject.


After з, which triggers the Instrumetal case of the following word when it means with, masculine and neuter nouns take the -ом/-ем ending and feminine nouns take the -ою/-ею ending. Masculine nouns generally end with a consonant, feminine nouns generally end with -а/-я and neuter nouns generally end with -о/-е. Cases are tricky but in Ukrainian the Instrumental case is probably the easiest one to form, just don't forget to follow my guidelines

помідор -> (з) помідором

котлета -> (з) котлетою


Should be pronounced помідОром, not пОмідором

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