"This store can sell wine."

Translation:Ten sklep może sprzedawać wino.

April 5, 2016

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What is the difference between sprzedać and sprzedawać?


"sprzedać" is a perfective (dk) verb so it carries the meaning of doing it completely/finishing it

"sprzedawać" is an imperfective (ndk) verb so it carries the meaning of lasting/repeated action

Have you read this post: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/12724322?

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Wino is the easiest word of learning in a difficult language such as Polish, at least for me whose native language is Spanish.


I keep getting it wrong, when I should decline a direct object and when not to. I tried "wina" for this sentence because on another exercise the phrase was kupić wszystkiego and I got it wrong by saying "wszystko". My Russian declension is confusing my instinct for grammar in Polish.


my bet is that "kupic wszystkiego" had "nie" in the sentence. without it it would be "kupić wszystko"

you always decline direct object, it just sometimes happens to be identical to nominative.

Most verbs have direct objects in accusative, and negated in genitive.

https://www.duolingo.com/comment/16569658 - when to use genitive.

accusative=nominative for:

  • singular maculine "not animated" nouns (animation is grammatical term here)
  • singular neuter nouns
  • plural neuter nouns
  • plural feminine nouns
  • plural masculine not personal nouns


what about plural masc. not personal but animated?


masculine not personal but animated, like "pies" act like masculine not animated, neuter and feminine nouns = all are not macsuline personal.

Pies (N) Mam psa(Acc)- nie mam psa(Gen)

Psy(Nom) -Mam psy(Acc)- nie mam psów(Gen)

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