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  5. "здание на углу"

"здание на углу"

Translation:a building on the corner

April 5, 2016



For 'there is a building on the corner', would you say 'на углу здание'?

April 5, 2016


Something like that. Or На углу стоит здание.

To assist your learning, we differentiate between "sentences" and word combinations that might be a part of a sentence. Sentences will start with a capital letter and end with terminating punctuation:

  • это молоко = this milk
  • Это молоко? = Is this milk?
  • не то молоко = wrong milk
  • Это не молоко. = This is not milk.
  • пять человек = 5 people
  • Девушка дома. = The girl is at home.

As much as translating "real" sentences is fun, some finer grammar points are best addressed with short phrases that have all irrelevant variables removed.

April 6, 2016


Это помогает!

April 6, 2016


I agree. And in the same vein, "building on the corner" should be accepted, as the article is irrelevant, and most of us are not here to learn English. ))

September 2, 2018


My teacher told me "на углу" would be on the external part of the corner, while "в углу" is the internal part. Is that right?

May 16, 2017


I think you're right. To me, на углу is like the corner in a street, in the city, and в улгу is the corner inside a house, thus, the internal part.

July 27, 2017


Shouldn't house be accepted too, instead of building? Reporting it.

November 27, 2017


Why not "at the corner"?

January 16, 2019
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