"She will execute the mission."

Translation:Ella ejecutará la misión.

January 22, 2013

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"She will" is not the same as "She is going to"


I think "Ella realizará la misión." should be accepted also and have reported it. Others should too if they also think so.


I've seen "will" and "is going to" used interchangeable for the "present tense conjugated forms of ir" + "a" maybe a 1000 times on Duolingo in all the practice and lessons I have done.


I agree they are interchangeable. My question was about verb use. I'm not a grammarian, but it seems that will is a form of to be (ser) and is going to is a form of to go (var). It sometimes is confusing to know what is right. I used hara, and it was wrong according to Duobot.


The sentence is somewhat odd, but:

1.- "var" does not exist in Spanish. The inf of "va" is "ir" therefore the best translation is Ella realizará la misión. Else you are saying "she is going to execute the mission"

2.- To execute would be more "ejecutar" in Spanish. However , in the meaning of "to carry out" in Spanish, "llevar a cabo" cab be used. I believe the use of execute is down to make thing easier.

3.- Will is, when use on future, an auxiliary verb. There is no need of auxiliary verbs in Spanish in this case. For guidance see http://www.verbolog.com/0amar.htm


Thank you RamosRaul. I honestly did not know that va was a form of ir :(. As for execute, I think most native English speakers would be more likely to say "fulfill" , "carry out", or "complete" So much to learn, so little time.

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