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  5. "Innsiden er svart."

"Innsiden er svart."

Translation:The inside is black.

April 5, 2016



Innsiden av hjertet mitt er svart.


edgelording intensifies


I don't understand the difference between kj- sound and sj- sound. I searched it on Youtube but I still cannot distinguish them. One is similar with 'sh' and the other one is 'ç'. And I don't understand the ç sound...


I don't know what that has to do with this question, but.... 'sj' is like 'sh' and is said with the tongue (like in English) 'kj' is said with the tongue on (or nearly on) the roof of the mouth, and is said with the back of the mouth. Search on you tube for Norwegian sounds 'sj' and 'kj'. there are a few videos that explain it. Some Norwegians dialects don't distinguish between them. Others have 3 or 4 'sh' sounds that are very difficult for non-natives to distinguish.


can you please give some information on these /sh/ sounds you mentioned?

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