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  5. "We know that man."

"We know that man."

Translation:Znamy tamtego mężczyznę.

April 5, 2016



Why would "Znamy tego pana" be wrong?


It is not- Polish people say it all the time. But Duolingo for some reason (probably nobody thought about it), usually does not accept Pan= man.

You should report though.


Why is "Znamy tamtego mężczyzną" wrong?


Because mężczyzną is Instrumental case whereas mężczyznę is (correctly) Accusative case. It's a masculine personal noun declined like a feminine one but it takes masculine adjectives and demonstrative pronouns.


Ok. I'm officially confused. :D


"znać" takes Accusative. "mężczyzna" may look feminine (it ends with -a), it itself undergoes declension as if it was feminine, but the fact is that this is a masculine word (after all it means "man", right?)

So the noun phrase "that man" is "tamten mężczyzna". In Accusative -> "tamtego mężczyznę".


What's the problem with tamten here? Tamtego must be used because this is masculine personal?


Close. 'masculine personal' matters when we're talking about plural.

In singular (only in Accusative), it matters whether a masculine noun is animate or inanimate. "mężczyzna" is animate, so it's "Znamy tamtego mężczyznę". But a dog is also masculine animate, so it will similarly be "Znamy tamtego psa".

In plural, they'd be treated differently. For example in Accusative plural, we'd have "Znamy tamtych mężczyzn" (masculine personal plural) but "Znamy tamte psy" (not masculine-personal plural).


Why does the answer keep showing as czlowieka? The sentence asks for man, not human.


When talking about a specific man (that man over there), "człowiek" is in fact synonymous to "mężczyzna" and will often sound more natural.

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