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  5. "I am listening to music."

"I am listening to music."

Translation:Ja słucham muzyki.

April 5, 2016



Why not "Słucham do muzyki"?


because listen to sth= słuchać czegoś (genitive)

There are many instances like this, where preposition is used in English, but in Polish it is just noun in a specific case. And prepositions that are connected to verbs translate to different prepositions in Polish. And English phrasal verbs translate to different verbs in Polish.


Is this interchangeable with "I listen to music" or would that require a different verb?


No. Slavic languages don't differentiate between simple present and present continuous. They use only present tense. The meaning is determined by context whether I'm listening to music now or I listen to music on Wednesdays.


That, while certainly true, does not apply to Verbs of Motion, which are exceptions.


What is an example of an exception?


Well... come on, you know that ;) I just meant that "Chodzę do sklepu" is "I go to the store (every day)" and "Idę do sklepu" is "I am going to the store (right now)".


Oh yeah, absolutely. Now I know what you meant by verbs of motion. Thanks

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