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  5. "Klucz do drzwi"

"Klucz do drzwi"

Translation:A key to the door

April 6, 2016



More like "a key to a door?"


Literally, yes. But "a door key" is more natural, IMO. Just like „klucz od drzwi” is more natural than „klucz drzwiowy”.


It marked it wrong for having no article. An article is only necessary if it's a complete sentence. "Key to the door," by itself is not incorrect!


You're right, added.


Is the 'do' 100% necessary? Could you instead have 'Klucz' followed by 'drzwi' in the genitive, possessive case?

Is there a genitive case version of the noun 'drzwi'? Thank you in advance.


I'd say that "klucz drzwi" would mean that the key belongs to the door the same way as "Michael's key" belongs to Michael.

It is Genitive already because "do" needs it.


The genitive case of "drzwi" is... "drzwi".

"Do" is kinda necessary here, but I can't explain it.


It seems similar to English, "key to the door." We don't say "key of the door"


Whereas i seriously pondered "the key of the door", since it uses a definite article Yes it would mean a specific door, but i cant see how one can make that distinction from the polish A key to a door, any door, where the type of key is in question The key of the door, when i specifically want to lock/unlock a given door Does that help?


And what about: "A key for the door"?


is "Klucz do ten drzwi" correct as "a key to this door" ?


No, that's a wrong form of "this". "drzwi" are always plural in Polish, and "do" takes Genitive, so it should be "klucz do tych drzwi".


"key for the door" was not accepted


It's an accepted answer, it should have worked.

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would a car key be called klucz do samochód?


The first word would be "kluczyk", it's a diminutive form, indicating that it's a small key.

Beyond that, there are various ways to call it. "kluczyk do samochodu" (samochód needs to be in genitive, and drzwi are too in this example, but it's not as easy to notice) is one way. You could also say "kluczyk samochodowy" (samochodowy is an adjective). But in my home we call it "kluczyk od samochodu", like Russian, but I don't know if it is accepted in the standard language.


Good question. In Russian it's "key from the car or door." Kliuć ot maszyny/kliuć ot dwieri

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