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Separate streaks online and mobile?

I don't understand the link between the website and the app on my iPod. It seems to synch all right. It "knows" what lessons I did or not. But on my iPod, i have been "on track" for 12 days, and on the website i have a streak of 1 day. So, if I understand well, I can't work indifferently one or the other? It's two different "streaks"? It's weird, isn't?

January 11, 2014



I'm assuming the "on track" refers to the coaching mode?
If this is the case, the coach and you streak are actually two different ways tracking your dedication to DL.
The coach gives you a weekly goal of points to meet. It doesn't matter if you gain these points in one day or seven. As long as you achieve the correct number of points over the period of time, it doesn't matter when you get them.
The streak that you see on the website is the opposite. This number shows how many days in a row you received points on DL. The streak doesn't care if you got 1 point or 500 points, as long as you get at least 1 point everyday, your streak increases.


Thank you very much, I understand better now. It really is two different things. I'll ask my question differently then. I go on Duolingo everyday, but my streak on the website shows 1. It seems to only count the days I received point on the website, not the days i used the mobile app. And it tell me I lost my wager, that I bought with lingoes, even though I haven't miss a day.

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