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  5. "Co widzisz?"

"Co widzisz?"

Translation:What do you see?

April 6, 2016



Why is "What are you seeing?" wrong?


That would probably only make sense if you talked to someone who's hallucinating...

[deactivated user]

    To the best of my understanding both "co and "jak" can be translated as "what". What is the difference between the two and when are they used?


    "co" means "what" in basic sentences like "What are you doing" or "What do you see".

    "jak" generally means "how". It's just that sometimes what according to 'Polish logic' should use "how" actually uses "what" in English. For example "Jak siÄ™ nazywasz?" is "What's your name?".

    "jaki" and its forms translate to "what" as in "what kind of".


    Iceberg, right ahead!


    Didn't know that omitting the question mark would make the answer wrong, even if everything else is right. I guess Duolingo can tolerate missing accents but not symbols.


    Actually unless something changed recently, Duolingo never cared about question marks and other punctuation. Either your mistake was somewhere else, or it was a bug.

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