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  5. "Dw i ddim yn hoffi dafad."

"Dw i ddim yn hoffi dafad."

Translation:I do not like a sheep.

April 6, 2016



Why is "a" necessary here? "I don't like a sheep" doesn't sound right.


Very odd! Better would be either of:

  • Dw i ddim yn hoffii'r ddafad 'na! - I do not like that sheep (in particular)
  • Dw i ddim yn hoffi defaid - I do not like sheep (plural, in general)

(But then again, dafad/dafaden also means 'wart' ...)


It shouldn't be necessary, but it is technically a way of translating the sentence, even if it sounds a bit weird.


That's why I'm confused why it states it's obligatory- it doesn't really make sense in English, and not many of the other statements have been extremely analysis about translation.

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