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Pangrams in other languages

A pangram is a sentence that uses every letter of the alphabet. We have several in English, like "A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog". What are some in other languages?

April 6, 2016



Albert osti fagotin ja töräytti puhkuvan melodian. = Albert bought a bassoon and blew out a huffing-and-puffing melody. (Finnish) Notice that this is not a perfect pangram.

And yes, the Finnish word for a bassoon is fagotti. I hope it will not get me into trouble.


It's Fagott in German, so we're in this together. ;)


And it's "Fagot" in Spanish too :P These languages are quite similar!


You don't need an accent on the o. The stress is naturally on the last syllable because the final letter is t.


I added that to be funny :)


it's "fagotto" in italian lol


In Nodame Cantabile, the two instruments are quite different, in terms of how it's produced and the sound it creates and a bit of how it's played. They were bemoaning the lack of bassonists because a lot have changed over to the faggot. I dunno what to believe now! :o


In German the shortest one probably is "Vogel Quax zwickt Johnys Pferd Bim." (The bird Quax pinches Johny's horse Bim.), though the most popular one probably is "Franz jagt im komplett verwahrlosten Taxi quer durch Bayern." (Franz is speeding in the completely tacky taxi across Bavaria).

There are also pamgrams that use the ä, ö, ü and ß character, too, such as "Falsches Üben von Xylophonmusik quält jeden größeren Zwerg." (Wrong Practice of xylophone music is taunting every bigger dwarf.) or "Zwölf Boxkämpfer jagen Eva quer über den großen Sylter Deich." (12 boxers are chasing Eva across the big Sylt Dyke).



Bring this old wisky to the blond judge who smokes.


Russian has quite a few, but they all are more or less gibberish and are not as smooth as the fox one in English. The only one that makes some sense is this one: "В чащах юга жил бы цитрус? Да, но фальшивый экземпляр!" - "Would a citrus live in the thickets of the south? - Yes, but a fake one!"


There are a few in Italian also:

  1. Pranzo d'acqua fa volti sghembi (A water lunch makes misshapen faces)

  2. (including foreign alphabet letters) Quel vituperabile xenofobo zelante assaggia il whisky ed esclama: alleluja! (That despicable zealous xenophobe tastes whisky and exclaims: hallelujah!)


For Filipino:

  1. Pwede kang yumaman dahil sa bagong roleta. (You can be rich because of the new wheel.)

  2. Ang buko ay para sa tao dahil wala nang pwedeng mainom na gatas. (Coconut is for people because there is not enough milk.)


In the Hebrew alphabet, a handful of letters have a different form at the end of words, so there are pangrams for both the 22 letters of the alphabet including one of the forms of those 5 letters with two forms, and there are pangrams including all 27 forms.

This is my favourite from the former group:

איך בלש תפס גמד רוצח עז קטנה?

How did a detective catch a dwarf murdering a tiny goat?

And from the latter:

עטלף אבק נס דרך מזגן שהתפוצץ כי חם.

A dust-bat fled through an air conditioner that had exploded because it's hot.

Edit: pronunciations for those interested.
ekh balásh tafás gamád rotsé'akh ez ktaná?
ataléf avák nas dérekh mazgán shehitpotséts ki kham


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.o'i mu xagji sofybakni cu zvati le purdi

{caution/warning} five hungry soviet cows are at the garden.

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