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  5. "Feci tutto quello che potei."

"Feci tutto quello che potei."

Translation:I did all that I could.

January 11, 2014



How often is this tense used in spoken italian?


i read somewhere that it's mostly used in writing (books etc.) And it was used in most of the small stories i have read until now, so i believe it's true. Really difficult... especially after you thought you understood the system of all the other tences, this really puts your feet back on the ground :)


It is very common in Sicily. In northern italy it is used mostly for things that happened along time ago. Like when you were a child, during world war two, etc. You see it often in literature.


It depends..it's used a lot in books or stories, while it is mostly spoken in Southern Italy. I live near Turin and me or my friends seldom use it


Why is "I made everything that I could" wrong?


I tried "made" rather than "did" just to see what would happen and it rejected me like every american woman I've ever met. Hopefully I'll have better luck in Italy.


AFAIK the main meanings of "to make" are "to bring into existence by effort" (eg make a career, to make a dress), "to cause someone/something to be in a certain way" (to make him angry), "to cause something" (to make trouble), to agree upon (to make a deal). IMHO the meaning of "fare" in this sentence is "to take a action", which is not expressed by "to make", but rather by "to do".


I have been asking DL for two months how to skip Passato Remoto because it is too irregular. I will not memorize its irregularities and , if exposed, rephrase in another past tense. Another on line Italian Language Course had this to say about Passoto Remoto :

Here’s an exercise on ‘passato remoto’, which I admit to hardly knowing at all.

I scored 7/12 when I tested it – I’m sure you’ll do better!

So why do I hardly know this tense at all, even after seventeen years living in Italy?

It’s partly due to the fact I’m very lazy / busy trying to earn a living (depends who you talk to…)

But also because, except in certain areas in the south of Italy, the use of the passato remoto is largely restricted to written narratives such as novels.

Certainly, in Emilia-Romagna, where I live, it’s never heard.

So, if you read novels, you’ll see a lot of it.

If not, you can more or less ignore it.


You've already learnt over 3000 words (on duo) and your complaining about 56 of them? Just because words are irregular it doesn't mean you can't memorise them. Just because a tense is used less often it is no reason not to teach it, because some is still used in common discourse (whether in writing or on TV, subtitles). I cannot say much about regional speech (yet to travel there) but I heard it's use is more common in the south. (in your location perhaps not)

EDIT: I realise now, most of your comment is quoted but on first reading I didn't notice. This page (https://www.duolingo.com/comment/2591660) shows how to format quotes if you want to make it clearer.


Instead of "potei", could you use "potetti" as well?


I made all that I could was not accepted


Why is potei not subjunctive?


That one, error?


In this phrase the combination is tutto+quello = all that. It is a fixed phrase, which makes the extra combination with 'one' wrong. And you cannot take away 'tutto' here. It refers to what I do, all that I do, an action, not a noun which would be the case when using 'that one'.


It would be good if you could click on the word and get to the conjugations for this tense. Is there something I am missing, or should I find it on another website?


This exists. Hover over the italian verb, then click on the green "conjugate" button. To see all tenses, click on the "Show more tenses" link at the bottom of the chart.


I did this on feci but unless I was having a senior moment, the passo remoto was not shown.


Yeah, back when I posted it, it wasn't there, but it is now.


why give "made" as an option if DL doesn't accept it


i've given up on DL hints a long time ago, because sometimes it get's marked incorrect indeed.


What is wrong with .. Ho fato instead of Feci?


I did everything what I could. What's wrong with that please? Quello che means also what and tutto can be everything as well as all. I am not native but I really cannot see a mistake. Thanks for comments


"what" is an interrogative pronoun, used in (direct or indirect) questions, and it does not make sense in this sentence. "I did everything that I could" is correct.


"I have done everything that I could" was rejected. Is the Past simple required here because the event begins and finishes in the past?

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