"I am a dragon."

Translation:Draig dw i.

4/6/2016, 9:26:17 PM



Ydy 'rydw i yn ddraig' yn anghywir?

5/27/2018, 9:29:48 PM

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See the earlier comments and also the course notes. When identifying youself or someone or something else by name, occupation or role, it is usual to start the sentence with that name etc:

  • Draig dw i. - I am a dragon.
  • Dewi dw i - I'm Dewi.
  • Mam Dewi dych chi - You are Dewi's Mum.
  • Nyrs dych chi - You are a nurse.

We are emphasising the name, etc, by putting it at the start of the sentence. This kind of emphasis is more common in Welsh than in English.

5/28/2018, 4:52:19 AM
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