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Turkish verb conjugation!

I was looking forward to learn how to conjugate some verbs in Turkish when trying out the basic course but unfortunately you can't choose conjugation for the verb you want to learn like in Italian for instance.Please help!

April 6, 2016



I think this is good for basic verbs but not very good for advanced verbs because it cannot recognize the subtle irregularities. For example the verb halletmek is formed out of hall + etmek so it should have the same conjugation rules of etmek but the software doesn't know about this.


True. I've also noticed that the subjunctive question forms are wrong. "Gide misin?" instead of gidesin mi, (despite the fact that no one ever uses either form.)


Upon seeing the original post, I remembered that site, but my first test failed so miserably that I decided not to suggest it. Check "sökmek" for example, more than half of the conjugations are wrong. And sökmek has no subtleties whatsoever.


a bit late to reply but perhaps others will find it useful try iMekMak available for both iOS and Android




Hm, Italian probably has a lot of irregular verbs, and that's why it's necessary? Turkish has very clear rules and only few irregularities as far as I can tell.


I see,that's pretty interesting! :)


Use this conjugator! is the more accurate and without errors https://pharesdiego.github.io/konjush/


Thank you everyone!

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