"They are not your pants."

Translation:Non sono i tuoi pantaloni.

January 22, 2013

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I used loro, it should be accepted because it is in the translation when you peek.


as far as i understood it the peek shows you a kind of dictionary list i made the same mistake, but loro is only fitting if talking of people - as shown in the tips for basics 1


What is "essi"? I have not learned that word yet...


Maybe it's "they" when not being used as a personal pronoun?

Would "They are women" be "loro sono donne" while They are pants" translates to "essi sono pantaloni"?


why is "vostri" not accepted? only "tuoi" is.


I would think it should be. That should be reported. If they're not your individual pants, but y'all's/you'unz's pants (southern US and Pittsburgh, respectively) then vostri should make grammatical sense.


non sono i vostri pantaloni - is this correct? It was marked incorrect.


As far as I know that should be accepted, since in English "your" can be singular or plural. Maybe a native speaker can confirm this?


I understand that Duolingo is trying to cope with multiple audiences, highly mixed ability students and across languages all for free! But these threads are very messy, they stem from people working at different levels and they generalise which is not very helpful. Could we also have "English" English versions instead of "US" English. We dont have pants or eat candies of cookies!


That is true, but I have found the threads helpful and often funny. It's another way to connect and learn. And it's free!!!


How can I report this? Loro is they/their and Essi is this/these


In todays Italian this/these would be questo/questi. Essi is rarely used now and mostly by the elderly in certain regions.


Not "Non ci sono i tuoi pantaloni"?

  1. Ci⠀(as a personal pronoun) = us. (not "they")
    e.g., Ci vedono = They see us.
    (With reflexive verbs it takes the meaning of "we",
    but then it would be followed by siamo, not by sono.)

  2. Ci⠀(as an adverb) = there.
    Non ci sono i tuoi pantaloni = Not there are your pants.
    Or in a more common order: Your pants are not (over) there.
    This has a different meaning than "They are not your pants.".


Why is loro non sono i tuoi pantaloni not correct?


Please read the other comments here before asking. At the moment it's like the very first, that should give you an answer. Hint: it's about the 'loro'


Thanks. I get it loro is just for people. Now what about when to use the article before possessives. I need a better understanding. Thanks.


The following post explains the rules of possessives, including when to add or omit the definite article (and when it is optional):


When i use 'vostri' i get marked down because DL expect 'tuoi'. When i use 'tuoi', DL expect 'vostri'. Seriously?!


Please be more specific. Maybe your error is at another word.


Thanks for responding. Looking at some comments, I understand why it is wrong. I used loro for they, but I learned that loro is just for people.


Still marking loro wrong june 2020


Why is it incorrect to add quelli at the start of the sentence? How else is "they" emphasised?


Those = Quelli /Quelle.
These = Questi / Queste.
They / them = Loro / Essi / Esse.


How do we word it in Italian to distinguish between singular vs. plural of pants, i.e one pair of pants vs. multiple pairs of pants? Are both 'i pantaloni'?


It would help if you indicated whether you wang you (singular) or you (plural) in the answer- sometimes the choices seem to be utterly arbitrary

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