"Co byś chciał dostać?"

Translation:What would you like to get?

April 7, 2016

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Hi! Could this sentence be written as: 'Co chciałbyś dostać?'. Or does the 'byś' have to be detached from the verb when we write a question? Thanks in advance!


yes, it could


Dziękuję bardzo :)


In fact "Co chciałbyś dostać?" sounds more natural to me (as a native speaker). But it may vary depending on the region / dialect / personal habits ;)


A lot of people seem to agree with you according to what I found with a search on Google: http://zapytaj.onet.pl/Category/002,010/2,2307658,quotChcialbysquot_czy_quotchcial_bysquot.html


Just a general remark on the "conditional" side: I don't understand any of it. There is no explanation section in Duolingo itself, and "Polish grammar in a nutshell" by Swan (which usually gives very good explanations) is rather vague and short as far as the "conditional" is concerned. Is there a website providing a thorough explanation somewhere on the internet?


Is 'co byłbyś chciał dostać?' correct?


Interesting. Wiktionary https://pl.wiktionary.org/wiki/chcie%C4%87 lists it as an option for conditional along with "chciałbyś". Or do I misunderstand something fundamental here?

EDIT: only 67 hits in google for "byłbyś chciał"...


It is past conditional, very rare nowadays.


How would it be translated? "What would you have liked to get?"


Yeah, I felt that this is not wrong, but strange - and not exactly a translation of the sentence... I cannot really imagine how this could be used. Maybe your translation is correct, but I'm not really sure.

Yeah, Polish. ;)

I can imagine "Co chciałbyś był dostać", but I don't even know if I am right about it.


The dropbox explanation says to add by+personal endings. Chciał is 3rd person masculine. You would be chcialeś. What am I missing? And why isn't it conditional? (Chciałbys)


The so-called ł-stem is chciał- and the personal ending in chciałeś is just the -ś, the /e/ is only inserted there to make it more pronounceable. Here you don't attach it to the verb, but to the conditional by-, so you get byś.

Both chciałbyś and byś chciał are equivalent, because the conditional particle by- is detachable from the verb. Therefore you could also say: "Co chciałbyś dostać?"

In this sentence both options are possible, but there are other examples where just of them is acceptable, because by- is an unaccented clitic and follows the same rules as pronouns.

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