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"Kwiecień jest miesiącem roku."

Translation:April is a month of the year.

April 7, 2016



How are we supposed to get "the month of the year" from a literal translation of "month year"?


Two nouns second in genitive - the second noun is usually "of year" or "year's. "

Deciding if it should be "year's month" or "month of the year" is one that makes sense in English.


Well, this was really a trap, because in Czech Květen means may.. well, it's not necessary always the same, of course :)


There are many other false friends among Slavic languages. See Croatian months for example.


I am increasingly running into examples on the app where I have not been taught the word before being asked a question on it. In this example 'April' 'month' and 'year' had never appeared before, and now I am expected to know them to get the question right? Month and year I got from context, but April was a 50/50 guess. I guess I learn after getting the question wrong, but it is a frustrating way to do it. Is this just me?


In what way would you expect to be taught the word, if not by putting it in a sentence? Some simple nouns can be introduced by the picture exercises, but that's basically the only other option. It's also not the very beginning of the tree where we could have an exercise like translating "the man", just a noun phrase without a context.

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