"Kwiecień jest miesiącem roku."

Translation:April is a month of the year.

April 7, 2016

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How are we supposed to get "the month of the year" from a literal translation of "month year"?


Two nouns second in genitive - the second noun is usually "of year" or "year's. "

Deciding if it should be "year's month" or "month of the year" is one that makes sense in English.

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    Do you mean that whenever we see two consecutives nouns, where the second one is on genitive, it will mean something like "noun1 of noun2"?


    I usually think about it the other way, that English 'of' basically guarantees* that Genitive will be used in Polish, but I guess you can probably say what you wrote as well.

    *There always may be something that I'm just not thinking of right now.


    Well, this was really a trap, because in Czech Květen means may.. well, it's not necessary always the same, of course :)


    There are many other false friends among Slavic languages. See Croatian months for example.


    Can I say, Kwiecień to miesiąc roku.


    Yes, you can, it's accepted.


    I have never heard an english speaking person use this answer in a real conversation. April is a month. April is a month of the year would instantly be flagged as an awkwardly translated foreign language.


    The Polish sentence is awkward as well and it's a result of introducing some vocabulary too early (after all, months seem like such a basic vocabulary), without being able to write more meaningful sentences. We're hoping to fix it soon.

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