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"Er ist rot mit weißen Blumen."

January 22, 2013



So I appear to have gotten it correctly, which surprises me even more. Is there a plausible context in which the sentence would mean anything that makes sense?


"Er" can refer to a masculine noun and be better represented by "it" in English. "Er" could be referring to "Rock" which is the masculine noun for "skirt".

But, if you use your imagination with the English sentence as it stands...

  • "Daddy, have you seen my teddy bear, Mr. Snuggles?"
  • "No sweetheart, what does he look like?"
  • "He is red with white flowers."

Completely plausible to come across that sentence in a kids book.
Hope that helps!


If you're asking about the German phrase: yes, there surely is since 'er' can refer to any grammatically masculine object, e.g.: 'Sein Anzug ist schön. Er ist rot mit weißen Blumen'. As far as the English phrase is concerned, you may need some imagination, perhaps talking about some guy at a mardi gras or Halloween celebration ;-)


I think it's helpful to have "He" considered correct; but it would be even more helpful to have: "Another correct answer: 'It'...". (I sometimes think that there ought to be an alternative formulation: "A better correct answer:....")

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