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"Его новая книга ещё интереснее."

Translation:His new book is even more interesting.

April 7, 2016



How do you know if it means "more interesting" or "even more interesting"? I was marked wrong for saying "his new book is more interesting"


Consider ещё somewhat analogous to "yet" used as an intensifier.

  • interesting → more interesting → yet more interesting (or "even more interesting")
  • bad → worse → worse yet
  • many apples → more apples → yet more apples

The last example in Russian would be «много яблок»→«больше яблок»→«ещё больше яблок».

It might work for you, because ещё does in fact mean "still/yet" in some of its other uses. And, same as "yet", ещё is not always an intensifier: it also has a good old temporal use.


more interesting yet = even more interesting


When I tried to understand this sentence whithout reading, I couldn't catch it. The voice says "Isho" (seeming like English "issue") instead of "ishO". And I feel that "интереснее" sounds like "интересная"

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