what happens in the sub-clause of this sentence?

the sentence is: Premier Rutte zei gisteren dat de ratificatie van het verdrag met Oekraine niet zonder meer kan doorgaan nu de opkomstdrempel van 30 procent is gehaald. when i first saw this sentence, i suppose starting with the conjugation "dat " the sub-clause should end at "kan doorgaan" since i suppose they are the verbs of subcaluse, but there comes " gehaald" which seems to be another sub-clause but without conjugation. And, i really cannot understand what is the relationship between these two (not-sure) sub-clauses:dat.....kan doorgaan" and " gehaal". thanks in advance!!

2 years ago

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Nu is a subordinating conjunction (not conjugation), just like dat and a bunch of others:

2 years ago

ah! i see! dank je wel!

2 years ago
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