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I came across Jo and Damon (two american youtubers who speak french and give tips on learning french) and they recommended that learners could watch french youtubers to learn more about pronounciation and conversational speaking. Can you guys recommend any french youtuber who are funny and interesting? Can be of any genre but mainly of entertainment. Thanks :D

April 7, 2016



Check out this channel, really funny videos (you can turn on subtitles if you want to).


Squeezie is my all time favorite youtuber just in general but he speaks a little fast


Squeezie is the best. He’s like French Pewdiepie.


Parole de chat is a good channel with subtitles. the speaking is pretty fast but it's still entertaining/funny


Not sure if this is what you're looking for exactly, but Comme une Française is really good. I don't know if I'd call it funny, but she's really good at clearing up confusion and teaching about the French culture as well as the language. Sorry if it's not what you're looking for but I like her videos.


Bonjour, Patrick! You've got to check out this Youtube channel: "Ma Vie Aux Etats-Unis" because you'll learn alot about the differences between France and the United States in language and culture. It's funny and is French with English subtitles.


I'm not really from the United States (though the language and culture of the United States is deeply integrated into my native language and culture) so thanks! :D


I freaking love Damon and Jo


Definitely should try Cyprien, sweet thing about him is almost all his videos are included with subtitles. English and French. I found that really really helpful since youtubers tend to speak so so fast (nigahiga for example) and it requires a decent listening skill to follow the video. Also the contents of Cyprien are so good, one of the best french youtubers out there.

If you can go without the subtitles then I suggest: Norman Fait Des Videos and Mister V.


Cyprien's videos are funny and interesting. Thanks :D


I just found with lou, she has french subtitles and you can put on english subtitles.

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