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Search for student?

Is there a way for me (educator) to search for a specific student's name? I have been searching for names of students who switched classrooms or for some reason aren't in the classroom they are supposed to be in. Sometimes a student just wants to check with me on their progress and I have to go to the classroom then find the student. It would just be easier if it were possible for me to search for that student directly. Thanks!

April 7, 2016



If you aren't sure of their username, and if you have their email address, you can go to your Duolingo Home tab in the blue bar at the top of the screen. Look to the left side and scroll down until you see an option to search for/invite a friend. If you put in the email they are using for their account, it will bring up their Duolingo username and account.


Thanks! That should help. Unfortunately, students don't always follow directions. They are supposed to use their school email, but sometimes they use a different one. Of course, it's the kids that didn't follow directions that I need to find :)


Are you saying you'd like to search for a student within your dashboard when you are not sure which classroom of yours they are in?


At the moment, you cannot do that through the dashboard. The student, however, can help by going to their settings > progress sharing and see which classrooms they are in. I hope this helps somewhat!


Thanks! Good suggestion!

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