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Please make switching between courses easier!

Now that we have Spanish -> French, I have to switch my "native" language every time I want to alternate between courses. While perhaps this simplifies things in the short-term, it gets pretty annoying pretty fast.

I would be so happy if you could add all the courses I am "enrolled" in to the dropdown, and not limit them to languages from the language the interface is currently in.

January 11, 2014



I agree. This is something we will improve very soon.


Wow! That is excellent news! In fact, such news deserves a lingot! Thank you so very much, Luis, for all that you and the rest of the Duolingo team do to make this program so successful! The fact that you all listen so closely to your users and do everything in your power to make Duolingo a wonderful experience for everyone is truly amazing! I am inspired by your dedication, sir, and I commend you for it.


Except that it's been a year and it hasn't been updated :)

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Like three years later, but it's finally here :)


Thank you, Luis! Have a lingot.


Please make it available, I started French (from English), now it is available in my native language (Spanish) and when I switch to learn from Spanish nothing from my previous advances in English are there... Thanks anyway for the hard work you do.


Definitely exciting--thanks, Luis and the Gang!


Thank you SO much :)


That's great! I also want to do languages from Spanish :) Just tried this and am now deciding to wait until this has been improved.


Hooray!. Keeping the lingots for each language separate would be great also.


Yes, now that there are more and more courses getting released and people start to "cross learn", the system of one base language is outdated. You should see every course simultanously and gain points independently, maybe with a double flag instead just the target language flag to show the different progresses on each tree.


Yes, I agree and hopefully this is something that they implement soon. I have seen it mentioned quite a lot on the forums so perhaps we will see it with the new interface?


are there plans to introduce a new interface to duolingo?


A digital product designer for Duolingo, Marcel Uekermann, has a few screenshots of the new interface on his personal website. Take a look at http://uekermann.com.


I can't wait! I'm doing this on a desktop, (my old phone can't get the app) and I like the look of the mobile version a bit better. @Zach All users will get sometime though?


It looks very similar to Duolingo's Mobile App. Actually it's exactly the same. Maybe they will implement it on the Web version as well?


I do recall Luis saying that they were going to unify the look of Duolingo across all platforms, so it would be safe to assume so. In fact, I believe some users already have this new look.


I believe I have this new interface! Are you jealous? http://imgur.com/c6BAGMV

It looks quite Django to me :)


I don't see how it's hush-hush. They have openly talked about the redesigned web interface before and anyone can try it out by making a new account. Not every new account gets the new interface, but if you make a few, you will eventually get it.


Yes, actually uncoupling the interface language and the language pair you're actually doing would be great.

Leave the 'I know language X and want to learn Y' bit to the newcomers.


I don't think it is necessary to uncouple the two. To make switches between interface languages easy would be enough. In the upper menu, between "duolingo" and "home", you have a flag - a complete list of languages learnt should be there, and choosing a combination with different starting language would simply change interface language.

Uncoupling would be handy to, but I would prefer to have all interface, discussions etc. in Polish while learning it through "English for Polish speakers". Having option to set interface language or switch between them would be ideal.


Please implement this!


Just found this thread because I was confused by the same thing. Apparently very soon isn't that soon after all? ;)


thanks, I'll give it a try


Please add a simpler method to switch between languages in next upgrade version or etc.


I have been thinking about starting the same thing and I was wondering if it was possible. So this means I can, but at least at this point, I have to manually switch my native language, as this woman does? But how does that work with your points and everything? It tallies both together or separate?


If you're learning the same language then the points are combined. For example, I'm taking the English to French and Spanish to French courses. Whenever I gain a point in either one it goes to my single "French" level. As such, when I first started my Spanish to French course, I was already at level 6 before doing any lessons.


Ah, interesting. I was thinking of doing French (L2) to Spanish (L3) instead of English (L1) to Spanish, but if it's a matter of time before they fix the interface to be able to switch more easily, then perhaps I can start with normal English to Spanish and then switch to French to Spanish later. Then I would continue my points from the initial English to Spanish, but learn dually by going through L2 to L3 instead of through L1. A little complicated, but worth it! Thanks for the info!


I already have a switch between courses; It's called my head! lol. Whilst I have been learning Italian from English, now as I try to learn Spanish, my head is already doing the course in simple-ish Italian and the English, whilst not being redundant, seems to get in the way.

So, one day, if I can learn Spanish, from Italian, that would be truly amazing. I know the incubator has only just had completed it's first 'non-English' course, but is amazing to think perhaps one day we'll be able to learn Japanese in Arabic etc.


also the overall xp count should be all in one imho. I´d love to see my xp count no matter if i am doing french from spanish or spanish from english. yet, they seem to each have their own count.

anyway: gracias, merci, danke and thanks for making duolingo possible


Any ETA for an easier course switcher ? Also display all languages on the profil, no matter from what you are learning it, would be so neat ! It's showing on any post in any thread but not in the profil as far as I know. BTW the script doesn't work in my chrome with tapermonkey…I refreshed numerous times…nothing.


when is going to be available?


Excellent request! i'm learning German from English and i found myself in the same position as you when i decided to give French a try. I obviously prefer to learn from my native language (Spanish).


great! i'm dealing with this, too because I have to study italian via english, but i prefer studying french via my native language german.


Can sb please help me? I am new here and I want to revise my English but I also want to learn French! How can I submit to more than one course??


It depends on what't your base language. Some base languages have both as target languages, but many just have English. If you are fairly good in English, you might just choose the "English to French" course to learn both at the same time. You can set your language(s) in your profile settings.


I would be very much looking forward to that solution.


Finally someone said it, thanks :)


I just set up two different accounts from the beginning. It seems pretty easy.


With what can I help you :) ?

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