"Dych chi eisiau petryal hir?"

Translation:Do you want a long rectangle?

April 7, 2016

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Hir comes from Proto-Celtic *sīros ("long"), from Proto-Indo-European *seh₁-ro-, of which also descend Latin serus ("late"), which became French soir, Italian sera, Portuguese serão and Romanian seară, all meaning "evening".


Shouldn't petryal be pronounced as a three-syllable word? Something like [pet-ry-(i)al]?


There are several issues here. The biggest is that the voice guesses (using an algorithm that the mods have no access to) and really struggles with the difference between a diphthong and two vowels.

Secondly it doesn't really matter as there is no clear boundary, except when there are consequences. In Welsh the two possible consequences are whether a letter is a vowel or a consonant, and (as here) where the stress is - in this case the stress will be on the first syllable of two, but the second of of three.

There is no authoritative dictionary that gives pronunciation, and recorded voices are open to interpretation, as sometimes Welsh and English speakers determine the stress to be in different places when hearing the same recording, so I turn with reluctance to Wiktionary which says

(North Wales) IPA(key): /pɛtˈrɨː.al/
(South Wales) IPA(key): /pɛtˈriː.al/

So the stress is clearly on the second syllable so it is clearly a three-syllable word.

Just grin and bear it when the voice gets it wrong.


Usually, yes. Not the TTS's best performance here. The sound has been disabled for this sentence, but it may take some time to take effect.

There are recorded voice pronounciations of the word here - https://forvo.com/search/petryal/, and here - https://www.gweiadur.com/cy/Pawb/petryal.

(For gweiadur.com you will need a free userid and password. If you cannot get one though the website, send an email to info@gweiadur.com with your preferred userid and password and ask if they can set them up for you.)

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