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  5. "Lei è la nostra vicina."

"Lei è la nostra vicina."

Translation:She is our neighbor.

January 11, 2014



Lei can also mean you - the very polite form. So my answer is correct.


In all my time on Duo I've never had a sentence where Duo proposed "Lei" with the meaning of 'you polite'. I'm wondering if it is in the program. Time will tell.


You are correct.
But it is this course's policy not to accept Lei as 'you' unless it's capitalized in Italian. A questionable decision IMHO as one doesn't capitalize in spoken language.


Report more, clutter less.


But they almost never doing anything with the reports. Over about a year I've submitted dozens and dozens of reports, only to have a couple update, months later. Posting here at least lets people know that there might be a problem!


It took me several tries to figure out that she wasn't saying lei è l'anno stravicina or something like that. I get it about native speakers talking faster, but the enunciation here is terrible.


several? I could listen to this 100 times and still hear what you were hearing initially.


Neighbour instead of neighor shouldn't give a mistake!


Duo accepts both US and UK spelling if it hasn't you should report it.


It does, but this time it didn't.


So, it should be reported. See here for "how to" and other tips:https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4821654


"nostra" is feminine because "she" is the neighbor or is it because "our"= group of females speak?


In Italian possessives behave just like any other adjective - they have to agree on gender and number with the noun they qualify, that is with the possession, but not with the owner. In this sentence the noun (vicina) also semantically agrees with the subject (lei). If the subject is "lui", the whole noun phrase must also be masculine. On the other hand, if the noun has only a single masculine/feminine form, both the article and the possessive must agree with the only possible gender of the noun, despite the gender of the subject.

Syntactic and semantic agreement:

  • Lei è la nostra vicina = She is our neighbor
  • Lui è il nostro vicino = He is our neighbor
  • È la nostra vicina = She is our neighbor
  • È il nostro vicino = He is our neighbor

Syntactic agreement only:

  • Lei è il nostro capo = She is our boss
  • Lui è il nostro capo = He is our boss
  • È il nostro capo = He/she is our boss

The last sentence has ambiguity of the subject gender.

Speaker group composition has nothing to do with the pronoun. The subject pronoun is always "noi" and the possessive is always nostro/nostra/nostri/nostre depending only on the noun/possession they qualify.


Hidy Ho good neighbor


Vicina means neighbor so what about quartiere? same meanings or what


quartiere=neighborhood, district


no matter how many times i listen to this on the first occasion through the review, I always hear "lano stravicina" and have absolutely no idea what I heard. I guess that is why I use the phrase piu lentamente, per favore, sooo much while in Firenze.


You hear right: the pronunciation of this sentence is incorrect.
It should say: la nòstra vicina not làno stravicina.


It seems they have fixed it. Thu 28-Feb-2019


I agree the audio is very difficult to understand, when you run "stra" and "vicina" together.


For some reason, in this format, no choice selections are given and there is no option to type in an answer, therefore, it is repeatedly market incorrect, and I can not complete the lesson and advance.


This is the users forum: the devs don't read these messages.
Please use the report an issue button, instead.


This question does not allow me to insert an answer, nor does it give any options.


Help! The updated duolingo does not allow me to insert an answer, Neither does it give any options to choose from on this question.


Neighbour not neighbor


Please don't tell me to practice everyday when I am stuck on a question which requires me choose an option and no options are available and therefore I am stuck in a lesson and can't get out because of this fault,hence I go round in circles! Please sort this out!it only requires a modicum of common sense to see the problem.


This is the users' forum. We can help you with questions relevant to the language but we can't do anything about issues with the app: the developers don't check here.
Please use the report an issue function, instead.


It seems to be a formatting problem. Try switching to a different application. I had the same problem on Safari, but not on Chrome.


One of my options was 'pants'! I'm glad she's a neighbor and not 'our pants'... The latter would certainly be a cause for concern...


Neighbour has a 'u' in it, it shouldn't be marked as wrong. It is correct.


There are no options provided,therefore you cannot answer the question which means you cannot finish the lesson and you are trapped in a vicious circle.


Less American and more English please

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