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  5. "Молода дівчина"

"Молода дівчина"

Translation:A young girl

April 8, 2016



Girl = дівчина but can be дівчинка from the context. Very subtle semantics here.

Woman = жінка; however, again based on a context, "a young woman" can be translated as "дівчина"


This should be a "young woman," not a "young girl."--that would be молода дівчинка

[deactivated user]

    What makes you think so? I feel «молода́ ді́вчина» sounds much better than «молода́ ді́вчинка». For me, «ді́вчинка» normally implies someone ages below 16, and that’s not someone for whom I’d use the adjective «молода́», I'd use «мала́ ді́вчинка». «Молода́» normally implies someone older than «ді́вчинка», so «молода́ ді́вчинка» works only metaphorically (when you use «ді́вчинка» to refer to someone older, to show she's actually behaving like a small girl).

    And 'young woman' is closer to «молода́ жі́нка», I think.


    That's a good point. My mind was in English mode, so "young girl" sounds like a child. In Ukrainian, it's different then.


    "Дівчинака" is a diminutive from "дівчина" and can be translated as "young/little girl." Therefore, "молода дівчинка" would be a tautology: "young young girl."


    You can hear this in use in the following video. (Second line in the chorus). https://youtu.be/9iBmNAnOfdA


    Hahaha! I live in Los Angeles, and this song sounds exactly like Mexican ranchero music, except for the Ukrainian language. Same musical instruments, rhythm, and song structure


    Omg yes, this sounds exactly like ranchero music. Half my family is Mexican and I grew up in El Paso, Texas. If I didn't know Spanish or Ukrainian, it would be tough to tell the two apart.


    Duolingo provides a hint of "girlfriend" as well as "girl," but doesn't accept girlfriend in this exercise. In what circumstances would "girlfriend" be appropriate?


    With a possessive pronoun. Моя дівчина, його дівчина, твоя дівчина

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