While I'm waiting..

Would you guys know of any decent sources to learn basic Chinese for free? I need something to keep me occupied until it gets released on duolingo.

4 years ago

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I used Mango Languages for Brazilian Portuguese and I know they have Chinese. You can get it for free if you log onto your local library site's (using your library ID) and search for it. They also have something called Mango Premiere where you watch a movie in the target language and it's interactive to help you learn the language. Have you ever used the Pimsleur method? Mango Languages reminds me of that. You learn expressions but there are also a lot of cultural tidbits throughout. It's great for if you are planning on traveling. Http:// also has Mandarin Chinese languages and you can get feedback from native speakers.

4 years ago
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Try Book2: They have lessons and vocabulary in 50 languages (including Chinese). I am using Spanish to French, waiting for the new Beta course to be released for ipad, and this may give me a little head start.

4 years ago
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