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"Der Spiegel ist in einer Ecke des Zimmers."

Translation:The mirror is in a corner of the room.

April 8, 2016



I thought Ecke was feminine. Wouldn't it be eine Ecke??


Maybe it is just bad English, but I often see/say "give me a beer," as in one beer. I know einer is one, but an apple or one apple seem to be interchangeable. Is it a hard and fast rule that einer must be one?


Not at all. For German "a" and "one" are the same. The ending of "ein" is just about the case and gender of the ensuing noun. Use these two words how you would normally. If you are not a native English speaker, as I am, the difference between "one" and "a" might be difficult to grasp. I think both should work here. If not report it. Or wait for English speakers to correct me.


As a native English speaker (American) I find the use of 'one' and 'a' in this context to be the same. Grammatically, it may be informal, I really don't know, but I find it irritating that 'a' is never accepted by Duolingo in this context.


Please explain why it is zimmers as opposed to zimmer


Native English speaker here. Exactly how is it "einer Ecke"? The mirror can only be in one corner, it can't be in "all" corners. I can imagine the sentence to read "Der Spiegel ist in einem der Ecke des Zimmers". Or, can you combine "in einem der Ecke" to read "in einer Ecke"? Very confusing to be honest.


I also think that either 'a' or 'one' should be accepted by duolingo (native German here). Don't know how to explain to my gf what she did wrong


Isn't "The mirror is in a room's corner" right?

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